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Personal training is the bread and butter of this operation. No more wasted time in the gym where your thumbs work out more than anything else (we're all guilty of it). Membership included, meal plan (if you'd like one) included, and 24/7 guidance whenever a question comes up. Quick and efficient training sessions to take the thought out of it for you. Check out some of our success stories.



For individuals seeking high-quality instructed exercise, Astro Gym holds a range of HIIT & Strength classes, that deliver an experience unlike any other other. Our coaches and participants provide high energy to keep everyone moving and motivated


No contract, no commitment. Use the studio during your own time. You have 24/7 access with plenty of brand new equipment at your fingertips. 

Lunar Craters

A message:

What's up!? My name is Johnny Pizzigoni. Welcome to Astro Gym!


I started this gym with one goal in mind: to help others achieve fitness without wasting time. My training style is one that provides accountability, but in a laid back way. I expect the best out of you, but do not ride on a high-horse myself. We take the path of least resistance towards your goal, to ensure that you get there efficiently. Clients have had fantastic results training with me. Collectively, I've seen hundreds of pounds lost, muscle added, and overall crazy transformations of people (see below).


Take a look around the page. From personal training (in-person and virtual), group fitness classes, and even general gym use if you want to exercise on your own time. You should be able to find something that can be of use to you!




Jason F.

From day 1 when I had my free first session, John has been someone that I can trust to understand my goals and help me achieve them. The whole environment, at Astro Gym is always one that motivates me but is also never intimidating. Definitely owe a lot of how great I finished 2018 - down more than 50lbs - to John and Astro Gym.



Rachel C.

Since the moment I met Johnny in September (2017), my life has changed. I've struggled for years to get off the weight that I gained since college. Through my sessions with Johnny (both 1:1 and boot camp classes) I have not only lost a significant amount of weight but have gained a love of working out that I have not been able to find since I competitively swam.

stephen M.png

Stephen M.

What can I say that others already haven't?! Astro Gym is truly an amazing, life-changing place. I've been working with John since August 2018. He helped me, and my partner, lose weight and get fit (I lost over 45lbs!).

Lunar Craters


It was all a dream! After I completed my degree at Temple University in 2017, I opened a personal training studio in Fairmount. Business went well over the first 3 years of being open and then COVID-19's impact presented an interesting opportunity. During closure I was able to upgrade into a newer, larger, more complete space, which grants the ability to cater to a much larger range of fitness needs. Personal training will always be at the root of this business, though I look forward to providing a one-of-a-kind fitness class experience and general gym membership.


This is only the beginning... So strap in. We're about to take off! 



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